Patient Financial Services

Patient Financial Services

Improve the health of your accounts receivable

Faster claims settlements

Improved recovery rates

Faster collection and payment processing

Enhanced patient experience


From coding and billing support to claims management systems, medical lockbox solutions, and integrated data management, Exela offers full claim lifecycle tools that improve patient financial services operations.

Automate manual data entry and payments processing, unify payment data from all channels, and create an improved patient communication strategy. Our solutions will help to save time, eliminate errors, reduce recovery times, and improve recovery rates.

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Medical Lockbox Solutions

Exela’s medical lockbox offers a private-label lockbox solution designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Our HIPAA compliant lockbox helps eliminate filing and storage issues, strengthen regulatory responsiveness, and automate paper EOB conversion and cash balancing.

Automated Billing & Claims Management

Introduce valuable efficiencies into the billing, claims submission and remittance process through the use of intelligent automation technologies. Reduce the time, cost, and errors associated with manual keying, improve exception management, and accelerate payments for improved cash flow management.

Convergent Payment Processing

We provide tools that unify payment streams across paper checks, images, IRD’s, substitute checks, ACH, and debit transactions to help you recover uncollected revenue, improve cash flows, and address aging accounts so that we can lower overall collections costs.

Dashboards, Analysis, & Reporting

Gain better visibility and insight into your accounts receivable process with powerful data capture and analytics tools. Run an aging analysis, identify trends, generate predictive models for improved decisioning, and produce clear reporting from the connected dashboard.

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