Treasury & Risk Management Solutions

Treasury & Risk Management Solutions

Intelligent tools for managing cash flow & mitigating risk.

Superior monitoring and trend analysis.

AI-powered systems improve issue detection and resolution.

Integrated dashboard offers improved visibility and process controls.


Exela’s integrated digital platform combines rules engines, artificial intelligence, and iterative learning to monitor cash flows, coordinate financial information and operations, optimize cash resources and liquidity, and empower short term financing and investment.

Sharpen your financial decision making, improve your KYC process, and maximize the effectiveness of your AML strategy with software tools that give you visibility and control over all receipt and payment activities throughout every medium and payment channel.

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Real-Time Monitoring & Discovery

Exela’s monitoring platform gives you direct access to cash flows, market movements, exchange rates, interest rate fluctuations, and company credit ratings so that you have mission-critical information the moment it is available.

Trend Identification

Robotic Process Automation puts artificial intelligence and machine learning to work uncovering patterns to identify historical financial trends, predict future trends, and flag potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

Automated Alerts & Reporting

Set up automated alerts that notify stakeholders of potential illiquidity, costly operational errors, and expiring contracts. Use the integrated dashboard to track cases, drill down into the specifics, and help your treasury department optimize their workflows.

Risk Mitigation Planning

After identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing risks, steps can be taken to build a risk mitigation plan that enables proactive measures that combat loss. Being reactive is not enough, the best risk management strategy identifies weak points far in advance of their eventual disruption.

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