Travel & Expense Management

Travel & Expense Management

Smart expense management from the office or the road.

Convenient and easy-to-use web platform and mobile application.

Simplified expense tracking, approvals, and reimbursement workflows.

Automated processes reduce management burden.

Auditable digital records and exception alerts prevent waste and abuse.


Exela’s P2P platform includes expense management tools that use a cloud-based reporting and reimbursement system and an integrated mobile app to simplify travel and entertainment expense tracking and streamline approvals and reimbursements.

Our solution is fully configurable to your workflows and approval process, and fully integratable with your existing accounting and ERP software. Take the hassle out of expense management while simultaneously strengthening your company reimbursement policies and improving your employee experience.

Explore the Benefits

Intuitive Mobile Application

Easy-to-use mobile app enables quick expense tracking while on the go. Capture receipt images, categorize expenses, maintain visibility over total spend, and submit a final expense report for reimbursement, all from your mobile phone.

Automated Workflows

Save time and ensure the consistent application of company reimbursement policies by configuring your T&E system for automated approvals and automated reimbursements, within specified parameters.

Fully Configurable

Expense management policies may differ between offices or even between workgroups. You can configure your T&E system with expense reporting and approval workflows that are optimized for each use type to improve compliance with company policies.

Visibility & Analysis

Use the integrated dashboard to access real-time expense data and drill down into spending trends. Easily generate reports and trend analyses that help you maintain budget control, remain compliant, and prevent waste and abuse.

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