Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions

Tax Solutions

Collaborative tax strategies for optimal tax incentives

Develop an optimal tax strategy to maximize savings

Get technical support with complex inventory and fixed asset accounting methods

Take advantage of all industry-specific tax incentives

Benefit from tax consultation provided by industry experts


Exela’s tax solutions are based on a vision of long-term relationships formed through outstanding service, exceptional integrity, and improved cost savings. Our mission is to offer value-creating tax strategies to our clients and help them optimize their federal and state tax incentives.

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Research & Development Tax Credits

Exela helps companies identify and document all qualifying activities, so they can claim the R&D credits they are due.

Cost Segregation

If you have purchased or renovated a building within the past 15 years, tax strategies like cost segregation can significantly improve your cash flow.

LIFO Inventory Accounting

Since 1936, the U.S. Tax Code has provided the last-in-first-out (LIFO) accounting method so companies can leverage existing inventory to create cash and stimulate business growth.

§179D Tax Deductions for Energy-Efficient Projects

Designers and building owners that incorporate sustainable building components into building projects and updates may be eligible for significant tax deductions.

Fixed Asset Review

A fixed asset review allows companies to correct past depreciation schedules and maximize depreciation expense deductions, achieving compliance and setting a precedent for managing depreciation schedules going forward.

§45L Energy-Efficient Home Credit

Section 45L is a little-known tax credit that offers developers a means to offset the costs associated with building energy-efficient single family or multifamily properties.

§199 Domestic Production Activities Deduction

A §199 study reduces taxable income and provides accounting mechanisms to capture future qualified production income and expenses.

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