Bringing billers and payers together through secure messaging and flexible payment options.

Enhance communication and payment transparency.

Reduce billing and reconciliation costs.

Improve liquidity and reduce risk.

Potential for up-sell and cross-sell overlays.

Opportunity to introduce funding and lending options.

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Request-to-Pay unifies customer communication and settlement services and leverage real-time payments to offer greater transparency and convenience to both billers and payers. As a hybrid messaging, billing, and payment service, Request-to-Pay closes the gap between all parties to a transaction, provides greater flexibility and transparency to both sides, and facilitates standardized data exchange to offer greater automation potential.

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Secure Communication

Request-to-Pay links billers and payers through an encrypted messaging interface that enables two-way communication, information sharing (including document attachments), and notifications prior to payment initiation. Not only does this facilitate simpler transactions, it also reduces costs associated with payment exceptions and breakage.

A Configurable Solution for Billers and Payers

For Billers: Select payer and reference details, set an invoice or bill amount, attach bill or invoice data and/or supporting documents (such as pre-agreed terms and conditions), and schedule the time period for payment.

For Payers: View invoices/bills and payment requests from a single secure portal, coordinate key dates, communicate with billers, and set up scheduled payments or initiate real-time payments – all from the user’s preferred device.

Functionality for all User Types

Whether a large enterprise, small business, not-for-profit, or independent contractor, Request-to-Pay offers simple, straight-forward functionality that provides transaction transparency, simplicity, optimized data exchanges, and reduced processing times and cost. Gain better visibility into receivables and payables to help optimize liquidity decisions.

Platform & Payment Flexibility

Request-to-Pay can be utilized through a secure web browser, or a smartphone application. Requests can be initiated through technologies as diverse as QR codes, hot-linked URL’s, NFC tags, vehicle license plates, and unified domestic messaging services.

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