Liquidity Solutions

Liquidity Solutions

Simplifying invoice buying and selling.

Simplify liquidity management by using a single, unified system.

Custom, white label solutions created for your risk parameters.

Integrated payment processing capabilities increase efficiency.

Full process visibility and control streamlines buying and selling.


Exela’s P2P platform includes white label web portals, mobile applications, and websites that enable peer-to-peer invoice buying and selling. Automate and optimize liquidity management to find the best price on invoices you purchase or the best rate for those you sell.

Explore the Benefits

Integrated liquidity Web Portal

  • Automated invoice syncing, verification, and management.
  • Flexible application design for any industry, business size, or location.
  • Comprehensive system accepts invoices in all formats and mediums.
  • Smart business intelligence and retroactive and predictive credit analysis.
  • Integrated dashboard offers real-time status tracking and dynamic drill down.
  • Marketing and communication functions enable you to leverage your existing network and gain access to new partnerships.

Liquidity Institution Workflow

  1. Enroll suppliers after application and credit review process.
  2. Automate invoice financing process by configuring invoice purchasing rules according to liquidity institution risk preferences.
  3. Send advance payments to suppliers and receive invoice payments from debtors according to your routing preferences.
  4. Store your invoices, documents, and other data for analysis.
  5. Analyze your liquidity portfolio with full visibility into invoice statuses, historic net yield, and collection rates.

Supplier’s Workflow

  1. Apply online to receive a quote based on your company’s credit history.
  2. Onboard onto the platform by linking your bank account and syncing with your accounting system.
  3. Select invoices from an integrated account or manually upload for submission to liquidity provider.
  4. Receive payments directly into your company’s bank account.
  5. Store your invoice data and documents to power future analytics.
  6. Analyze your supplier portfolio with full visibility into invoice statuses, transaction history, and average advance rate.

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