Billing & Presentment


Billing & Presentment

Unified communications for better billing
  • Improve customer satisfaction with better messaging and e-presentment
  • Utilize convenient, integrated electronic payment options
  • Take advantage of valuable marketing opportunities
  • Build rich customer profiles


Exela helps optimize billing and payment processing by integrating communication channels, providing mixed-media payment processing and dynamic e-presentment, and improving statement and bill design. We help unify disparate data, align workflows, and increase enrollment in electronic payment systems so that we can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Integrated Communications

Communication integration enables valuable improvements in payment processing and data collection. Streamlined information sharing between systems enables statement and billing optimization, improved enrollment rates, and valuable marketing opportunities.

E-Presentment & Electronic Payments

To encourage customers to enroll in an e-presentment billing and payment model, we use every type of customer touchpoint as an opportunity to promote adoption. Easy access to streamlined payment opportunities improves customer satisfaction.

Statement & Bill Optimization

A redesign of these documents can help your customers identify and understand important account information and give them an easy way to enroll in electronic billing.

Transpromo & Bill Marketing

Communications integration also enables rich customer profiles that can be used to create hyper-targeted marketing messaging and materials that can be included in statements and bills.

Mail Automation & Optimization

Exela’s global print and mail infrastructure enables distributed printing and least-cost routing. Address management and return mail services help prevent waste and reduce DSO, and mail carrier relationships help lower costs.

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