Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Organize and Manage Critical Data.

Centralized data control and access.

Improved data governance and controls.

Simplified data retrieval.

Security and procedural quality assurance.


Master data management with Exela includes a data migration and consolidation plan that enables your company to unify disparate systems, optimize data quality, streamline data sharing, and create a single source of truth for analytics.

Exela’s master data management tools and experts help businesses link and organize critical information to facilitate shared computation in multiple system architectures, platforms, and applications.

Explore the Benefits

Rapid Integration Hub

Exela’s modular Rapid Integration Hub integrates data sources to provide easy access from a central platform that uses a single data language. With this master data management solutions, you can reduce the headaches in your data unification and enjoy built-in information routing from a single sign-on location.

Data Unification

Exela normalizes and unifies data that exists in multiple forms and multiple systems, creating a single source of truth that is accessible from a central hub and viewable within a comprehensive schema mapping.

Federated Search

In those cases where a central data hub is not possible, not desirable, or not required, Exela’s federated search capability allows for easy information retrieval by enabling a single search to pull data from all available sources.

Data Governance

Exela’s master data management specialists help confirm that rules, procedures, and information technologies are put in place to maintain the integrity and security of sensitive information.

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