Federated Search

Federated Search

Many sources – one search.

Simplify and speed up search queries.

Eliminate the need for full data migrations.

Use as an alternative method of data consolidation.


Federated search capabilities allow you to search multiple databases using a single search query and have the results returned in a consistent language and format. This process can be carried out each time a query is made, or a central search index can be created, based on each query.

When full data migration and integration is not possible, feasible, or desired, federated search provides a valuable tool for locating the data you need.

Explore the Benefits

Silent Migration

Federated search allows for the silent migration of queried data into a centralized database so that future access is faster and easier.

Data Refresh

Consolidated data sources are automatically refreshed periodically to ensure accuracy and data integrity, and does so as to not impact service continuity.


Records are automatically cleaned and duplicate entries are removed so that storage space is not wasted and the databases remain organized.

Hybrid Search

This flexible approach enables a central index to be created, when feasible, while also allowing for a query-specific federated search approach when centralized indexing is not feasible.

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