Data Visualization & Reporting


Data Visualization & Reporting

Intuitive data presentment for actionable business intelligence
  • Real-time data aggregation
  • Easy-to-use visualization tools
  • Dynamic data drill down capabilities
  • Automated alerts and decision triggers


Exela’s data visualization tools help organizations manage data more effectively.


Bring your data to life and use it to derive valuable business intelligence by aggregating data from disparate sources in real time and visualizing it in a clear and concise format.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Aggregate data from disparate sources in real time to easily compare metrics, identify correlating factors, and derive valuable business intelligence to make better decisions.

Intuitive Visualizations

When data is organized and easy to review it is better able to give useful insights and drive decision making. Simple, yet powerful, data visualization tools enable you to transform mere numbers into easy-to-understand charts, reports, and comparative visualizations.

Communications Tools

Built-in text, chat, and email communication tools allow your teams to connect and collaborate within the platform to boost knowledge sharing and collaboration capabilities.

Dashboards & Reporting

Configurable dashboard options put the information you need right in front of you. Dynamic drill down capabilities allow you to explore the details of your data. Macro overviews give you the big picture. Identify trends, identify anomalies, view relationship mappings, and generate informative reports.

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