Cognitive Automation


Cognitive Automation

AI-powered information management
  • Automated data extraction and summarization
  • Efficient data entry and records management
  • Intelligent risk modeling and predictive analytics
  • Improved speed, accuracy, and visibility


Master unstructured data, improve risk modeling and prediction, and derive actionable business intelligence from big data sources using intelligent cognitive automation.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing and machine learning platform mines, extracts, and summarizes unstructured data from various sources and in various formats.

Cognitive Search & Discovery

Set automated queries, keyword triggers, and other defined alerts to continuously monitor large data sources and help to derive valuable information, discover patterns, and conduct sentiment analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Use historical data to identify trends, establish risk profiles, and produce accurate predictions based on more sophisticated modeling techniques.

Flexible Operations

Exela’s cognitive automation platform is configurable to the needs of your business. A system baseline is established and machine learning capabilities help tune the system over time for continuous process improvement.

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