Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Separate the signal from the noise.

Real-time analytics enable timely decision making.

Intuitive visualizations make data digestible and actionable.

Cognitive search optimizes business intelligence.

Customizable dashboards give full visibility and control.


Exela’s data science and business intelligence solutions use analytics engines, machine learning models, and a flexible architecture to give you the power to manage your data along with the connectivity tools your teams need to collaborate effectively using that data.

We make it possible to cut through the noise to find the signal, and use it to generate actionable insights.

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Cognitive Search & Knowledge Discovery

Exela’s technology automates data mining, classification, summarization, and aggregation from structured and unstructured sources. Automated queries, keyword triggers, defined alerts, and manual search parameters enable data capture from paper documents, websites, social media, news media, open communications, and internal data sources.

Data Management

Consolidate disconnected data sets and impose organizational structure to make it easier to find essential information and conduct more thorough and robust analyses. When complete data unification is not feasible, federated search capabilities speed up information gathering and ensure that critical information is not being overlooked just because it isn’t stored locally.

Powerful Analytics

AI-supported analytics and modeling engines extract deep insights from large data sets. Discover patterns, identify correlating factors, and utilize predictive modeling to anticipate future trends.

Automated Alerts

Your business intelligence system can be configured with security and compliance monitoring, automated triggers, threshold checks, approval alerts, and notifications via email or text message.

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Unified on a single, cloud-hosted platform, Digital Now is a suite of solutions built to accelerate your digital transformation. With rapidly deployable enterprise software and a team of experienced specialists behind you, you can do business better.

Exela Smart Office is a suite of interconnected workplace technologies and services. Find out how business process automation tools can enhance your employee and visitor experience, optimize space and energy usage, and streamline daily processes.

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