Diligence & Compliance

Diligence & Compliance

Transform baseline compliance into your competitive advantage

Rich customer profiles turn KYC compliance into a competitive advantage

Omni-channel data ingestion and monitoring offers a more thorough AML process

Closed-loop system architecture continuously improves performance

Automated alerts and notifications keep stakeholders aware


When performed manually, the KYC and AML compliance processes are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and error-prone. Reduce processing time, errors, and operating costs through the strategic deployment of automated data processing with Exela’s diligence and compliance systems – part of our Banking & Financial Services Suite.

Benefit from accelerated digital customer onboarding, streamlined document management, advanced identity verification, enhanced customer profiles, and powerful analytics.

Explore the Benefits

Rich Customer Profiles

Integrating communication channels to collect improved customer data from each touchpoint helps to create enhanced customer profiles. This can then simplify KYC by either allowing it to be bypassed in certain cases, or strengthening the data comparison processes when it can’t.

Account Monitoring & Anomaly Detection

Our automated transaction and account monitoring software provides real-time fraud detection and risk monitoring. A closed-loop system architecture enables continuous improvement over time as the system interacts with more cases and a larger data set.

Audit Trails & Reporting

Improved data ingestion strategies and analytics tools enable thorough audit trails and better reporting capabilities. Empower management to ensure your company is fully compliant and mitigate your risk with Exela’s dynamic diligence and compliance solutions.

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