Capital Market Activities


Capital Market Activities

Bridge the gap between borrowers and lenders
  • Intuitive web portal and mobile application provide easy access
  • Automated data capture and processing for greater efficiency
  • Improved data analysis and predictive modeling
  • End-to-end loan origination and servicing solutions


Exela offers connected solutions that help optimize capital market activities. We simplify data management, risk modeling, document creation and processing, payment processing, and reconciliation to make it easier for lenders and borrowers to connect and do business together.

Lender/Borrower Bridge

We bridge the gap between lenders and borrowers with an interconnected platform that facilitates easier communication, intuitive presentment, smooth payment processing, reconciliation, and a proprietary risk modeling system.

Intelligent Data Management

Automation technologies boost accuracy and efficiency to the data ingestion and records consolidation process. When information is more easily captured, classified, organized, and stored, the true value of data analytics is unlocked.

End-to-End Loan Processing

The tools you need are all in one place and connected technologies enable streamlined processes, including loan origination, document and data ingestion, data validation, document production, e-signature, payment gateways, and exception handling.

Configurable White-Label Solution

Our capital market activities platform is a fully configurable, white-label solution that incorporates specified business rules, risk tolerances, and workflows.

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