Workplace Management

Smart Facilities Management

A better way to do space, asset, and facilities management.

Smart sensors and RFID technologies help to optimize space and energy usage, improve facility maintenance, and manage IT assets.


We are ushering in a new standard for office space and facilities optimization. Put the power of smart sensors, automated workplace management tools, RFID, and mobile applications to work for you to make your office smarter and optimize the way your workspace is maintained.

Explore the Benefits

Space Optimization

Accommodate the needs of your onsite staff and your mobile workforce by utilizing smart sensor technologies that track space utilization and identify underused and currently open spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Historical and real-time space usage tracking enables intelligent, dynamic heatingcooling, and light controls. Create a more energy efficient workplace through dynamic climate control, directed only where it’s needed, and lighting controls that make sure the lights aren’t on where they don’t need to be.

Facilities Management

Smart sensors and data analytics come together to enable information-driven services. Support staff are automatically notified when garbage cans need emptying, paper products need replacing,  and plants need watering. Exela Smart Office brings the internet of things to the workplace.

Asset Management

Improved IT asset allocation and tracking is made possible using RFID technology. Allow your onsite and mobile employees to check out laptops, monitors, projectors, and other devices, set automated reminders for when they are scheduled to be returned, and track current and historical usage to optimize stock and allocations.

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