Reception Staffing Services

Visitor & Lobby Management

Reception Staffing Services

Strengthen Your Brand with Professional Reception Staff
  • Increase visitor engagement
  • Reduce management burden
  • Integrate professional brand ambassadors


Receptionists are typically a customer's first point of contact, so it's critical that they reflect the company brand and values. Exela respects the importance of first impressions when providing staffing services for a client, which is why our office team staffing services include custom training and follow a proven model.

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Development Programs

To continually improve the quality of our office team staffing services, our staff engages in training modules, including these: service excellence and first impressions; professionalism and etiquette; phone, interpersonal, and team communication; and safety and emergency training.

Professional Staff

Our highly trained, knowledgeable, and friendly staff uphold the highest standards of decorum and dress in a professional manner that is aligned with your company culture.

Incentivized Excellence

We communicate a well-defined career path for our employees and establish recognition programs in order to encourage exceptional service and best practices as they are recruited for your team.

Visitor Engagement

We believe in the value of increased visitor touchpoints and better engagement to ensure guests have the best possible experience. That's why our office team staffing professionals provided receptionists with training for optimal engagement.

Reduced Management Burden

Leave the management of the reception team to us so your internal management is able to focus on other mission-critical business functions.

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