Intelligent Lockers

Visitor & Lobby Management

Intelligent Lockers

Smart Locker Storage Just Got Smarter

Enhances access control and security

Simpler, more flexible package management workflows

Easy, 24/7 access without added staffing demands

Complete chain-of-custody tracking


Intelligent Lockers provide a natural extension of existing mail services, simplify internal package management workflows, and provide an innovative, cost-effective solution to the storage needs of your workforce and office guests.


Our distributed smart locker system offers a customizable, multipurpose electronic platform that provides users with a secure space to receive, transfer, drop off, and store packages and other items.

Fully Customizable Platform

Our smart lockers have modular configurations to fit any space, with the option to run stand-alone lockers or a network of locker bays. There are many exterior material options to match branding requirements.

Access & Visibility

Access permissions can be set to match any workflow requirements. Intelligent Lockers provide full chain-of-custody tracking, real-time process visibility, reporting, and automated alerts via email or SMS.

Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art digital locking technology in our smart locker systems enhances security, and there are optional integrated RFID, QR code, and biometric sensors simplify access.

Streamlined Shipping & Receiving

Intelligent Lockers reduce staffing demands, simplify outbound mail and shipping processes, and eliminate redelivery attempts and the need for signature logs.

User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive touchscreen interface walks users through the receipt or drop-off process and provides easy access to those who are unfamiliar with smart locker systems.

Professional Support

Exela’s national organization of field engineers provide expert service and smart locker support when you need it.

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