Visitor & Lobby Management

Lobby Tracking and Visitor Management

Enhance the Visitor Experience.

Streamlined reception processes.

Personalized and enhanced visitor experiences.

Improved security and visitor tracking.

Efficient itinerary and access management.

Reduce staffing and operating costs.


Enrich your on-site branding and make a memorable first impression with automated check-in systems, virtual lobby support, and integrated smart office solutions.

At Exela, we design technologies to address specific everyday challenges in your workplace. Explore the versatile offerings of our suite of digital reception services and other smart office solutions for your lobby.

Explore the Benefits

Intelligent Kiosk

Greet your guests with a pre-recorded video welcome message. Then allow them to easily register self check-in, get directions, and print their guest badges. Intelligent Kiosk enables one employee to manage multiple entry points.

Mobile Facility Pass

Housed on a user's smartphone, the Mobile Facility Pass offers an elegant solution for displaying security clearance, providing appropriate facility access, and sharing information such as a guest's itinerary, building maps, and WiFi login credentials.

Virtual Lobby Ambassador

Should your guests need any assistance while they are checking in for their visit, they can easily summon a Virtual Lobby Ambassador via text, audio, or video chat using the Intelligent Kiosk. A Virtual Lobby Ambassador will assist your guests with their needs or answer any questions they may have.

Intelligent Lockers

Whether deployed for employees or visitors, Intelligent Lockers offer a convenient storage option with a touchscreen interface that is capable of integrating with RFID, QR code, or biometric recognition technologies. Intelligent Lockers offer flexible layouts and designs, improved access controls, anytime availability, and complete chain-of-custody tracking.

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