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Mail Services and Mailroom Management

Custom Mailroom Management System.

Decrease processing times.

Reduce operating costs.

Increase security.


Exela's mailroom technology provides a convenient, innovative, and cost-effective approach to mailroom management, with the flexibility of a mail organization system that merges physical and electronic communications delivery. Simplify every aspect of your mail system with our web portal, and enjoy the benefits of our mailroom services that help top, global businesses succeed.

Explore the Benefits

Additional Cost Savings

Reduce postage costs and cycle times by presorting and organizing mail in zip code order to qualify for USPS tier qualification and work-sharing discounts.

Digital Mailroom

Transform traditional mail into an entirely paperless, digital mail solution that is searchable, shareable, and secure. Digital Mailroom can support your business as a parallel process to traditional mail services.

Enhanced Security

We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in our mailroom management systems to ensure that mail is delivered to the proper recipients and only accessible to them. Our mail screening services detect dangerous and suspicious items before they get to their destination.

Return Mail & Address Cleansing

We offer onsite and offsite secure document capture, address search and update, and post-process document management that dramatically reduces undeliverable mail volume.

Process Optimization

Our mailroom technology will refine your mail process with mail  services like these: mailpiece design; lost funds recovery; fleet right-sizing; contract negotiations; inventory optimization, and facility and workflow assessment, refinement, and integration.

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