Shipping & Receiving

Shipping & Receiving

Comprehensive Shipping Logistics on an Easy-to-Use Online Platform.

Reduce shipping expenses with automatic price comparisons and least-cost routing.

Increased efficiency using a no-sorting weigh-on-the-way system.

Enjoy total process control from a customizable dashboard.

Utilize end-to-end custody tracking and automated digital alerts.


Exela’s shipping logistics services combine a team of shipping and receiving specialists with a convenient, web-based portal for flexible shipping solutions.

Our shipping coordinators oversee all aspects of your shipping and receiving process using advanced technology that improves efficiency, transparency, and employee experience.

Our client-specific solutions are customized to fit specific workflows and business needs, and they can be modified as needed in response to changing demands.

Explore the Benefits

Desktop & Mobile Applications

Our unified, web-based portal and shipping and receiving app can be accessed from a computer or mobile device to coordinate shipping logistics. Gain total visibility over the shipping and receiving pipeline, analyze shipping data, and generate reports.


Our sustainable shipping and receiving process can utilize a zero-paper system that prints postage directly onto the box, accepts digital signatures on packages, and email receipts.

Process Efficiencies & Cost Savings

Our shipping logistics management platform makes shipping requests quick and easy, and our weigh-on-the-way system accurately prices mail pieces as they move through the system, eliminating presorting. Reduce shipping expenses with automatic price comparisons, least-cost routing, and time-zone-specific processing.

Global Logistics Expertise

Our team of import/export professionals and shipping coordinators will help you obtain compliance clearances for international shipping, complete customs forms, provide trade compliance advice, and take all necessary corrective actions.

Intelligent Lockers

Integrated Intelligent Lockers make parcel receiving and shipping logistics more flexible and convenient, alleviate the need for shipment monitoring, and offer improved package security.

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