What you want, where you want it.

Onsite, offsite, and hybrid processing models.

Easy-to-use web portal for an e-commerce experience.

Full process visibility and tracking from an integrated dashboard.

Enhanced security.


Exela’s fulfillment solution provides enterprise logistics powered by a proprietary cloud-based inventory management system.

Enjoy an enhanced e-commerce experience with on-demand order processing, exceptional speed and accuracy, and complete process visibility.

Explore the Benefits

Simplified Order Processing

Exela’s fulfillment system operates through an intuitive web portal to provide a simple e-commerce ordering experience. Our platform integrates with existing inventory-management systems, providing real-time inventory tracking to enable easy order requests and fast order processing.

Integrated Dashboard

The fulfillment dashboard gives authorized users complete visibility over inventory, real-time data about orders in process, and internal cost services for budget management.

Improved Security

Specified approval workflows provide security and controls, optional Intelligent Locker systems enable simple, safe transfers and complete chain of custody tracking.

Productivity Enhancements

Exela’s fulfillment technology improves the productivity of each employee, enabling fewer people to handle your fulfillment requests while maintaining a high level of accuracy and the fast delivery times you expect.

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