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The smart locker solution for secure, self-service storage and mail/package delivery, Exela Intelligent Lockers feature convenient, tech-enabled access, automated delivery notifications, and audit-friendly tracking to provide seamless end-to-end chain-of-custody solutions for organizations of all sizes in all industries.

Intelligent Lockers are perfect for all your self-service storage and delivery needs, including:

  • corporate mail and package rooms.
  • university, apartment, and other high-density package rooms.
  • Retail and rental pickup, drop-off, and return.

Use Cases

Workplace Asset Storage 
  • Facilitate flexible workspaces
  • Enhance on-site security
  • Streamline visitor experience
Self-Service Mail/Package Delivery
  • Eliminate delivery errors and delays
  • Streamline service staff, eliminate clutter
  • Mailroom rush-hour crowd control
Self-Service order pickup and returns
  • Cut transaction costs
  • Pre-empt privacy issues
  • Eliminate porch piracy
Explore the Benefits

Discover the convenience of click-and-collect

Each Exela Intelligent Locker is an automated, self-service storage space that locks and unlocks via electronic PIN, RFID badge, or mobile application, generating an auditable record of each interaction.

Flexify your set-up

Exela Intelligent Locker kiosks are custom-configured to your specifications, offer flexible solutions.

Enhance your aesthetics

Sleek, streamlined, modern, and tech-enabled, Exela Intelligent Lockers instantly upgrade the look of your premises.

Secure your workplace

Secure storage of personal devices for customers, clients, hiring candidates, and other guests to minimize security snafus.

Virtually monitor deliveries and pickups

Tech-enabled lockers generate automated, audit-friendly tracking.

Automatically notify recipients

Receipt of a package triggers delivery notification, complete with unlocking credentials.

Support shared office space

Convenient, secure, self-service storage of personal items during off-hours facilitates flex-time and office sharing.

Enable carbon-neutral commutes

Exela Intelligent Lockers enable gear storage for bike- and other green-commuters.

Say goodbye to signature logs

Automated audit-friendly tracking means no signature logs needed.

Streamline guest experience

Self-service stowing of outerwear, bags, personal devices, and other personal items for customers, clients, hiring candidates, and other guests.

Make a memorable first impression

Exela Intelligent Lockers are part of the Exela Smart Office suite of front office automation solutions and seamlessly integrate with our other offerings such as Exela Intelligent Lobby that help make the most of your first impression.

Jump-start your front-office automation

Exela Intelligent Lockers are a natural starting point, as well as a complimentary addition, to Exela’s mail and package logistics solutions as well as Digital Mailroom, Exela’s end-to-end mail management, digitization, and delivery solution.

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