Digital Mailroom Services

Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom Services

Digitized Mail is Searchable, Shareable, and Secure

Streamline your mail delivery process

Create easily searchable and shareable mail systems

Unify information management systems

Adopt a sustainable process that reduces waste


Digital Mailroom is Exela's web-based, end-to-end workflow solution, designed to streamline your organization's intake and distribution of inbound mail. Our state-of-the art Digital Mailroom technology provides intelligent data extraction and indexing, automates formerly manual processes, and utilizes electronic delivery methods to route mail to the correct recipients.

Explore the Benefits
Definable Workflows

Pre-established business rules designate proper delivery routes, user and group-specific delivery methods, and physical mail handling procedures.

Improved Information Management

Individual mail pieces are easily routed to workgroups for improved sharing between teams and departments. Junk mail is automatically removed from circulation. Explore our other information management solutions.

Increased Delivery Speed

Automation technology enables rapid scanning, data extraction, indexing, and routing, Faster information processing improves decision making.

Eco-Friendliness & Sustainability

Mail sharing is possible without creating physical copies. Mass destruction and recycling of original copies ensures greater adherence to recycling programs.

Enhanced Security

Physical mail is difficult to keep secure. Digital mail is routed and archived using 256-bit encryption, and access is restricted according to defined roles and permissions.

Full Visibility

Digitizing traditional mailroom systems gives authorized users full visibility of what has been received, where it was routed, and with whom it was shared.

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