Corporate Hospitality Software and Solutions

On-demand services powered by smart speaker technology.

On-demand smart speaker-enabled services ranging from conference room setup to maintenance and transportation requests.


Exela takes a client-specific approach to facilities management that puts innovative technology and well-trained employees at your fingertips.

Use Smart Speakers to order on-demand services and make concierge requests ranging from conference room and food & beverage setup to maintenance and transportation requests.

Explore the Benefits

Smart Speakers & Hospitality 360

Smart Speakers give voice-activated on-demand access to support staff and concierge services. Requests are easy and services are prompt. Hospitality 360 offers a multi-function digital facilities application checklist that runs on tablets or other mobile devices.

Conference Room Management

We’ll make sure you have the resources you need for your meetings, including: printing and distributing pamphlets, reports, and presentation materials, arranging catering services, audio/video setup, and stocking room supplies such as pens, paper, and whiteboard markers.

Repair / Maintenance & Support

Smart Speakers give immediate access to staff capable of addressing light maintenance and repairs, audio/video support, and tending to equipment needs and supply stocking.

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