Office Automation Powered by the Internet of Things

The next wave of workplace optimization is here. Exela Smart Office automates workflows, enhances employee and visitor experience, and provides a new level of insight and control over your facilities.

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Exela Smart office
From the lobby to the back office, Exela’s proprietary technology helps streamline reception, simplify facility management, optimize space and asset usage, and integrate printing, shipping & receiving, fulfillment, recycling, and more.

Visitor & Lobby Management
Visitor & Lobby Management
Technology-powered reception that enhances the lobby experience

Welcome guests with a fully personalized digital check-in process and virtual lobby support that creates a memorable first impression

Exela Intelligent Lockers
Smart Locker Systems by Exela
Click. Collect. Accounted for.℠

Fully-configurable, electronic storage lockers provide simplicity and convenience, as well as improved process visibility and control.

Digital Mailroom
Transform Your Digital Mail into Actionable Insights
Transform Your Mail into Actionable Insights

Onsite or offsite mail and document processing, scanning, and routing streamlines mail delivery and consolidates communication channels. Exela’s Digital Mailroom makes your mail searchable, shareable, and trackable, and helps improve information management while reducing waste.

Concierge Services
Corporate Hospitality Software and Solutions
On-demand services powered by smart speaker technology

Request conference room support, beverage services, light maintenance and more with the ease of a voice command and the speed of Digital Now.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Tracking Solutions
Integrated tools for improved shipping, receiving, and fulfillment

Exela’s platform gives users easy access to shipping, receiving, and fulfillment services that put what they need where they need it – on time and on budget.

Print Services
Managed Print Services
Onsite and offsite print management tuned to your business needs.

From offsite, on-demand printing utilizing Exela’s cloud-hosted print management web portal, to onsite printer management and fleet optimization, Exela has your printing needs covered.

Workplace Management
Smart Workplace Management
A better way to do space, asset, and facilities management

Smart, connected workplace technologies provide valuable insight into space utilization, IT asset status, and facilities usage to better accommodate the local and mobile workforce and more effectively allocate facility support staff.

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