Marketing Communication Management

Take full control over your brand with personalized messaging and templates across multiple channels — email marketing, direct mail, SMS notifications and more. Keep a running client database of customizable metrics and insights within an easy-to-use platform. Communicate more effectively, and learn more.

Key Features

Targeted Communications

Target specific clients at a granular level, and tailor campaigns for more focused, relevant communication.

Success Metrics

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with user­‐defined analytics and client metrics.

Integrative Collaboration

Break down departmental silos with a collaboration-ready platform that directly integrates with your marketing tools and client data.

24/7 Job Tracking

Always know where your documents are in the workflow queue, and speed up the review process with automated notifications to stakeholders.

Auditable Workflows

Gain auditability and visibility into the entire workflow while retaining chain of custody and approval records.

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