Service Overview

Whether your particular pain point can be addressed by mailroom services, off-site print production, on-site staffing or a combination of multiple services and solutions, Exela can customize a single offering that shortens the implementation timeline so that you can start benefiting as soon as possible.


Managed IT Services

Full IT support services to increase operational efficiency, and improve technology capabilities

On-Site Staffing

Staffing solutions with engaged, well-trained employees who reflect your brand and integrate seamlessly into your office culture

Hoteling Support & Hospitality

Alleviate your strain on overhead and provide flexibility for a more mobile workforce with our technology driven solutions

Print Optimization

Printing solutions for the modern enterprise

Reception Services

Reception staffing solutions that reflect your company brand and create a welcoming environment for guests and your team

Word Processing

Streamline your existing word processing capabilities with our supplemental services

Managed Print Services

Managed print, optimized for the connected age

Regulatory Communications Management

Collaborate on content, create and standardize templates — all while complying with specific regulations and brand standards

Marketing Communication Management

Communicate your marketing messages more effectively with full insights into who your clients are and what they want

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