Service Overview

Exela offers a broad portfolio of solutions for corporate counsel, law firms, and government attorneys, including reliable and secure claims administration, data management, data analysis, and expert testimony for litigation, compliance, and regulatory matters.


Legal Claims Administration

Rust Consulting provides consulting and administration services to clients including law firms, companies across all industries, and governmental agencies at all levels

Data Breach Services

Rust Consulting provides notification, contact center, and project management services

Preventative Remediation

Rust Consulting offers a right-sized, right-priced, end-to-end remediation solution

Product Recalls

Rust Consulting has administered individual projects requiring us to mail tens of millions of notices, staff more than 1,000 customer service reps, and take more than 3.6 million calls

Employment Discrimination

ERS Group labor economists inform decision-makers with quantitative and qualitative analyses that are statistically sound and legally defensible

Wage & Hour

ERS Group’s quantitative analyses help attorneys assess the value and merits of wage and hour claims

Intellectual Property

ERS Group’s IP experts investigate and analyze high profile patent, trademark, and copyright infringement matters, as well as theft or misappropriation of trade secrets

Bankruptcy Management

For over 40 years, Rust Omni has provided a comprehensive and economical approach to managing the administrative needs included in a corporate restructuring

Notification Services

For over 20 years, Kinsella Media has set the standard for due process notice and quantifiable measurement of audience reach

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