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Through our online reservation system, employees have the ability to reserve a dedicated work area when they need to come into the office. This enables you to reduce your overhead costs while providing the flexibility desired by your workforce. Each of your office visitors has an associated, personalized profile which helps your team better anticipate their needs and completely customize their experience at your corporate locations. We combine our proprietary technology with our staffing services to provide solutions that effectively address your pain points.

Front Office Automation’s Suite of the Future

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Key Features

Virtual Concierge

Our Virtual Concierge solution provides clients with access to professional receptionists who assist your visitors in making travel arrangements, checking-in to meetings, and finding local vendors from dedicated, remote locations.

On-site Staffing

Our expertly trained on-site staff uses our automated, proprietary technologies to support and optimize their daily tasks. This automation helps our on-the-ground staffing services employees streamline many of the services we perform for you.

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NoviMetrix, our web-based reporting dashboard, collects various forms of data and analytics, including customer volumes and trends and consolidates the information into detailed reports. Leverage real-time data to consistently analyze and optimize our performance.

Resolve Booking Conflicts

Office guests can pre-register or register their room or workspace for the day upon arrival, eliminating reservation mix-ups or overbookings. Data collected is then fed to our internal systems, allowing us to better serve your mobile workforce.

Improve Room Sweeps

Better manage the services needed for any designated office space, from conference rooms to workstations. Our hoteling support technology can provide customized checklists for daily information regarding the condition of equipment and office spaces to help ensure optimal efficiency.

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