Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment

Exela is a leader in helping businesses transition from paper systems to ePresentment, thus saving them much time and expense.
Exela’s Electronic Bill Pay and Presentment solution assists your business in migrating from paper to electronic documents, and reduces your day's sales outstanding, resulting in improved enterprise cash flow. Our presentment solutions can immediately reduce your cost of statement printing and mailing by up to 50% compared to in-house solutions.

Front Office Automation’s Suite of the Future

The office of the 21st century is digital.
Is yours?

Key Features


  • Complete suite of e-delivery solutions for payment and billing
  • Interactive design capabilities customizable for branding requirements
  • Fully automated data processing and production environment for optimal efficiency 

Print & Mail

  • Customized output applications for high quality, personalized interactions
  • Automatically generate notices for denials, correction requests, delinquency and non-compliance
  • Turnkey list management and postal services with on-demand printing and insertions  

Electronic Payment

  • Browser-based application for viewing, managing, and paying bills
  • Integrates multi-channel and multiple payments types
  • Fully compliant with security and confidentiality regulations 

Document Archival/Retrieval

  • Fully redundant online solution for enterprise-wide document archival, retrieval, proofing, and quality control
  • Easy, self-service platform enabling the design and management of documents

Electronic Delivery

  • Secure e-delivery system that routes communications quickly and efficiently
  • Provides receipt verification, reconciliation, and exception reporting
  • Immediate access to exact printed image

Customer Interaction Management

  • Technology-enabled customer communications, billing, and payments in both print and digital formats

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