Service Overview

As an end-to-end services provider, we have the ability to integrate related mail services, which drives productivity and cost efficiencies in your mail center. We can manage the entirety of your mail workflow inclusive of design consultation, print production, fulfillment and distribution, simplifying and connecting both your inbound and outbound mail process, for full chain-of-custody.


Digital Mailroom (DMR)

An internet-based end-to-end workflow solution that enables organizations to manage the intake and distribution of inbound mail. Digital Mail incorporates state-of-the art technology that enables intelligent data extraction and indexing, automates formerly manual processes and utilizes electronic delivery methods to automatically route mail to the correct recipient.

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Intelligent Lockers

Exela’s Intelligent Lockers are a multi-purpose, electronic, delivery system that provides visitors and employees with a convenient and secure space to trade, receive and store goods and packages. The intuitive touchscreen interface prompts users through the pick-up and drop-off processes Email and/or SMS alerts regarding the logistics behind the package delivery and pick-up location. All transactions are recorded and can be recalled from your management system for asset protection.

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Complete Mail Outsourcing

Approximately 75% of the mail centers we analyze have the potential to be right-sized in order to maximize resources and real estate. Our custom mail solutions are developed to scale as your business grows. We start by assessing your existing footprint, inclusive of on-site staff, equipment and operations. We utilize the right mix of mail processing technology, people and proven processes to achieve the most efficient mail solution.

Postal Consulting

We understand that corporate mail functions - although important for daily operations - often go overlooked, resulting in unnecessary spend. Certified in USPS Mail Center Management, MSMA Mailpiece Design, and Certified Mail & Distribution Systems, our postal consultants work with our clients to design cost effective, highly impactful mail pieces. We will advise on how to optimize postage and courier spends through tactics such as bulk mail sending and Intelligent Mail Barcoding.

Inbound Mail Management

In the average mail center, approximately 65% of labor is stuck sorting incoming and interoffice mail. This sorting process is typically manual and time-consuming, diverting attention away from core, revenue generating work. By integrating the receipt of inbound mail with content extraction, document scanning, and distribution, we can save you time as well as increase your visibility, improve delivery and reduce mail vulnerabilities. We will set up a system to manage your inbound mail through secure mail solutions, digital mail integration and accountable mail management services.

Outbound Mail Management

Leveraging postal best practices, we manage all of your outbound mail processing needs, inclusive of address management, mail presort, international and hazardous mail shipping and return mail automation. Investing an end-to-end provider to manage your entire outbound mail process reduces your risk of mail mix ups and compliance violations, which can add money back to your bottom line. Allow us to help you get your communications in front of your customers faster, and for less.

Secure Mail Operations

Exela is committed to maintaining and optimizing the security of your mail centers. Each year, we screen more than 300MM mail items for federal and state agencies, utilizing our state-of-the-art security capabilities to protect your company from mail-born threats. Our detection solutions – inclusive of X-Ray, Hazmat handling and K-9 detection – identify and isolate suspicious and potentially hazardous mail.


Support your mail center operations with integrated technology.

Exela integrates each mail operation with state-of-the-art technology to achieve workflow optimization and cost efficiency. We create accountable mail flows by using the right technology and tracking applications – specifically chosen to fit your needs. More data provides insight to make informed decisions regarding your mail operation, so we can work with you to continuously improve our efficiency while providing superior service.


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