Ambassador Recruiting & Development


A technology firm with offices worldwide was seeking to revamp their ambassador recruiting and development program. Their main goal was to provide a consistent, exceptional experience across all office locations, including lobby support for remote offices.


Our solution was to provide the company with solutions that addressed their needs related to people, process, and technology. To address their need for people, we implemented our Ambassador Program to deliver white-glove reception and concierge services throughout their global campuses. To strengthen their process, we included standardized training, operations, and communications support. To improve their technology, we installed our Intelligent Lobby solutions, which include: digital kiosks, Intelligent Lockers, and smart speakers for assistance with facilities and conference management.

  • Standardized procedures for consistency between offices

  • Enhanced visitor experience using innovative technology

  • Improved visibility and reporting through our Visitor Management System

  • Simplified storage solutions for visitors and employees

  • On-demand facilities and conference management services

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