As a multilevel SaaS platform Spring® offers efficient process management from enrollment to claims. Spring provides a variety of features including plan comparison and selection, enrollment, payments, report generation, claim tracking, benefit coordination, and many others. These features combine to make the insurance process seamless and free from the hassle of communication hurdles.

PCH Global™

PCH is a multi-lingual integration platform providing a single interface with the insurer for claim submission. It provides a comprehensive view of the complete revenue cycle of a patient encounter. Its features include PrinterDriver (Exela’s simple solution to electronic-based document submissions), claim tracking, auto-posting and claim/payment reconciliation, and many others.

Speak Up!® - Anonymous Reporting System

Speak UP!® is a web and mobile application that provides students with a simple, convenient way to anonymously report instances of bullying or dangerous behavior, whether it occurs on campus or online, to the appropriate school official. A high percentage of such incidents go unreported due to fear of peers, fear of speaking to the authorities, absence of any authority figure at the time of the incident, or simply because the student does not know to whom to speak about it. Speak UP! empowers students to initiate action in the face of unjust acts and aims to reduce the threat of bullying and other negative behaviors in schools, colleges, and universities. Please visit https://www.gospeakup.com/ for more information.


BancMate® - Comprehensive Mobile Banking

BancMate® is an integrated, multi-channel mobile banking and money management platform. It is designed to provide users with a greater level of control over their money and the ability to do more with their money in a single application. Money management is simplified through BancMate’s various dashboards which allow the user to view all accounts, pay physical bills, scan and deposit checks, send and receive money, track expenses, create reports, and perform many other such actions. As a one-stop, intuitive money management platform, BancMate provides a unique mobile banking experience to customers.

Zuma™ - Loan Process Management

A mobile application and web-based platform for all types of loans, streamlining user account management by offering increased functionality and an enhanced user experience. Zuma provides account origination, servicing, support, bill capture/payment across industries, enabling users to conveniently complete the entire loan process on their phones.

Athena™ - Business Management Platform

Athena is a next generation web and mobile business management platform, built to organize your company's data and drive actionable intelligence for enhanced profitability and connectivity. We specialize in data aggregation, visualization, and team connectivity, so you can quickly analyze, collaborate, and take action to enhance business performance. Athena enables real-time visibility and analysis of your most important data streams, so you can optimize your operations and drive execution.

Peri® - Travel and Expense Management

Peri® is a travel and expense management application developed for use on mobile devices and as a web-based desktop application. By connecting employees and administrators in the most effective way, Peri empowers businesses to optimize costs by providing high visibility into corporate spending. For frequent travellers, the application streamlines business travel by enabling management of trips, expenses, frequent flyer miles, boarding passes, location-based deals, and mobile wallet from a single platform. Peri also has real-time and auto-syncing capabilities to equip businesses with a simple, intuitive, and transparent expense management system.

Contact™ - Contact Management

Contact Business Case is a one-stop application that manages communication to and from all contacts for those with multiple methods of communication. Through this application, the contact is automatically directed to the best way to reach the user depending on geographic location, WiFi network, the time of day, and identity of the contact.

SpeakOut™ - Brand Reputation Management

Turn customer feedback into customer intelligence with SpeakOut, a brand reputation management platform. A company can use this application to get feedback from its customers via multiple media channels, as well as to analyze it. The meaningful insights thus gained are used to evolve customer engagement strategies that can enhance the company’s image in the minds of its customers.

Rewardio® - Points Redemption Platform

Rewardio® is a card-linked marketing and loyalty points redemption platform that plugs directly into a current banking application. By analyzing user transactions, Rewardio effectively categorizes purchases and discovers patterns, allowing the application to send users highly relevant discounts and rewards in their mobile banking app. The platform was designed to help customers to save money on items that they are shopping for, while also helping retailers advertise to customers that are likely to buy their products. Additionally, Rewardio offers a marketplace for users to shop with points across participating merchants, meaning that points accumulated from merchant A can also be used to purchase an item from merchant B. Our platform enhances the loyalty program process and creates a rewarding experience for customers, merchants, and banks.

Teletype® - Secure Communication

Teletype® is a mobile application intended to provide a secure space to communicate and drive productivity in the workplace. Fluid communication between teams and departments is pivotal to driving efficiency, and Teletype establishes the means to be that communications solution. It offers a suite of security preferences including end-to-end encryption, prohibition of screenshots, restriction of copying/forwarding, and control of lifespan. Teletype offers the security blanket required for communication to blossom and transform an enterprise into a productive environment.

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