Athena™ - Business and Master Data Management

Athena is a next generation web and mobile business management platform, built to organize your company's data and drive actionable intelligence for enhanced profitability and connectivity. We specialize in data aggregation, visualization, and team connectivity, so you can quickly analyze, collaborate, and take action to enhance business performance. Athena enables real-time visibility and analysis of your most important data streams, so you can optimize your operations and drive execution.

Floware™ - Design Studio

Design Studio has been developed to provide business with technology solutions through a configurable software suite, designed for end-to-end management of any organization’s content and business processes via intuitive customization and rapid deployment by any user. Design Studio provides business solutions to a wide variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, government, legal, publishing, manufacturing, retail, and other commercial entities.

SpeakOut™ - Survey Tools

Turn customer feedback into customer intelligence with SpeakOut, a brand reputation management platform. A company can use this application to get feedback from its customers via multiple media channels, as well as to analyze it. The meaningful insights thus gained are used to evolve customer engagement strategies that can enhance the company’s image in the minds of its customers.

iCRM™ - Virtual Customer Support

iCRM has been designed to provide relevant answers to customers in near real-time and at low cost. Customers can simply ask their questions in the chat box or via email, and have answers returned immediately along with helpful links. A customer can phrase a question in any way they wish to, and still receive an immediate answer that is relevant to them. With the help of iCRM, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce service costs. iCRM can also help in evolution of new, innovative, customer-centric services with the help of access to cross-functional customer data.

RDH™ - Rapid Deployment Hub

Rapid Deployment Hub (RDH) is an enterprise data-mining application. It includes a suite of modules which can be applied to big data across a variety of solutions. These modules are Listen, nQube, Pulse, ReachOut, and SpeakOut. The Listen module automates discovery, determines relevance, and integrates information. Rule engines, statistical analysis, and machine learning are used for analysis in the nQube module. Visualize data with real-time dashboards, modular displays, and dynamic drill down with the Pulse module. Create engagement programs with ReachOut through customized outreach, alert escalation, and Intel prioritization. Interact with customers through virtual dialogue, automated interaction, and survey and feedback integration using SpeakOut.

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