PodTracker - Conference Room Management

Eliminate paper-based logs and checklists with our proprietary multi-tool application, PodTracker. The application is designed to help on-the-ground employees streamline services such as room sweeps, and enables clients to track issues in real time, providing instant insight.

Timo - Change Request / Development Platform

Timo provides an official channel for all internal and external users/customers to report product-related defects/issues for a large number of Exela products.

Zaru™ - Capital Expenditure Approval

Zaru is a web-based application used to raise/track purchase requests.

Talento™ - Talent Management Platform

Talento is an online web application developed internally for resource management across Exela sites. It comprises various modules which enable complete maintenance of employee data during their tenure with the company.

Vortex™ - Infrastructure Management

Vortex is an operational intelligence platform offered by Exela. It applies real-time business analytics to machine-generated data from diverse sources in order to provide organizations with visibility and insight into business operations.
Vortex can be used to monitor business activities to identify inefficiencies, opportunities, and risks. It has applications that can provide operational solutions based on the information derived from the data. Vortex is a single console for monitoring and optimization of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud IT assets. With the help of Vortex, organizations can make smarter decisions, improve the quality of their business operations, and take preemptive action to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently.

HMS™ - Dynamic Employee Portal

HOV Management Solution (HMS) is a single point application for system and resource management. It is a Learning Management System (LMS) which can also be used for Asset and Resource management.
HMS is a useful tool for administration of training programs, L&D tracking and monitoring, and facilitating assessment. It also functions as a repository for training material.

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