BoxOffice™ - Intelligent Enterprise Information Management™

A cloud-based enterprise information management service that enables organizations to ingest, extract, and store key data from documents, thus empowering their business units with actionable intelligence

Document DNA®

Document DNA® is a comprehensive solution for document management, which provides for electronic capture, storage, collaboration, retrieval, and delivery of an organization’s critical data and documents. This solution from Exela aims to increase productivity with the help of digital network access. Document DNA enables your organization to automatically and instantly distribute documents over the web to any location, utilizing a variety of solution components.

eFirst® Archive

eFirst Archive provides a secure, long-term archive for all types of information, intuitively and intelligently using the most appropriate storage medium to ensure superior retrieval rates. A third generation archive product, eFirst benefits from years of frontline experience as a leading high volume archive solution. Its enterprise platform for building archive management solutions can effectively manage and track any file or document, including images, data records, video, and mixed media content.

Jet™ - Contract Management

JET is a data analytics engine used to analyze, extract, classify information in unstructured and structured documents, and summarize the results. JET uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to classify, tag, and extract key data from documents, thus saving processing time. It is especially useful when quick processing of documents is required, in reducing cost in terms of resources and equipment, in document management, and for deriving meaningful summaries from extracted information.

IntelliScan® - High Speed Scanners

High speed, high volume, multi-application document processing scanners

With the introduction of the IntelliScan XDS Series 5, Exela's line of integrated IntelliScan solutions takes high speed, high volume, multi-application document processing to a whole new level. These solutions are an operational revelation for enterprises worldwide. IntelliScan delivers scanning speeds of up to 654 pages per minute for acceleration of job processing in a wide variety of business applications. Its groundbreaking image-capturing capabilities, up to 600 dpi optical resolution, allow you to capture images with detail that is unreadable to the naked eye, including fingerprints, high-quality color photographs, and more. It is your one-stop processing solution, with advanced technology, intelligent design, and flexible configuration, delivering unprecedented performance and value. All serving to improve your operational efficiencies, and your bottom line.


CourtQ is a tool for online legal research. It offers case search, case tracking, and legal document summarization.

E-Series™ Family - Document Processing

The E-Series family of transport systems is perfectly suited for payment processing centers that demand the reading and sorting of 600 to 1,700 documents per minute - ensuring low- and high-end customers have a solution that works for any level of processing. Exela's document processors can transform the way you do business; check out the Exela E-Series lineup... 

E-Series High Speed | High End Document Processing

The high-speed E-Series is offered in two speeds - 1600 and 1700 dpm. Using technology such as optimized feeding systems, high-performance tracks and driven auxiliary pockets, the E-Series ensures the fastest, most reliable wall-clock throughput.

E-Series Mid Range | Multi Speed Document Processing

Built with state-of-the-art technology for the highest possible read rates, the mid-range E-Series is offered in three speeds - 600, 850 and 1150 dpm.

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