Plexus® WF - Workflow Platforms

Plexus FloWare is a production workflow platform that enables a business to build and customize a workflow for their industry using drag and drop products and services. It uses workflow technology to manage the business processes of enterprises. It enables enforcement of business policies and procedures, reduces work cycle time, improves response time, and enhances overall productivity. As a workflow solution for high-intensity environments, FloWare is becoming indispensable to businesses using applications such as claims processing, underwriting, customer service, and portfolio management.

Plexus® BPM - Business Process Management Platform

Plexus Business Process Management (BPM) is designed to help deliver a smooth flow of work within complex business processes, which weave in and out of different applications, departments or even organizations bringing coherence, visibility, and control to the entire process. This improves efficiency across departments and applications, delivers more predictability and compliance, and enables the process managers to undertake iterative process improvements as business conditions evolve and the commercial environment changes.

Plexus® CM - Case Management Platforms

Plexus Case Management provides intelligent solutions for end-to-end case management. These case-specific business process solutions allow each case to move through a dynamic process which can be modified as needed by external and internal input from those working on the case. Relevant information is made available to the staff at any time, allowing them to collaborate on required activities. Context-based workflow processes accelerate task management, thus optimizing decision-making. Plexus Case Management solutions also bring in accountability and a higher level of control in customer service with their advanced case monitoring and tracking. The ability to manage different communication channels ensures that the relevant data and rules are made available to users, making responses more effective.


Plexus Case Management supports dynamic and adaptive case management. It can process cases through activity sequences which may be unique and cannot be pre-determined before the case is opened. These solutions enable implementation of human-directed and rule-managed adaptive flows, as well as combinations of both. Plexus Case Management also incorporates a powerful business rule engine which implements decision tables and trees. These can be maintained in Excel by the end-users of the system, allowing them to rapidly alter the case handling strategy in response to changes in priorities or the business environments. Integration of the case management system into dashboard platforms allows real-time monitoring of key operational and system performance indicators. These advanced operational views together with automated time-based actions assist in maintaining adherence to customer SLAs with the minimum use of resources.

Plexus® EM - Exception Management

End-to-end business process management systems are a ubiquitous tool used in organizations across industries these days. However, many still involve non-value added steps, of varying degrees of complexity, to resolve routine exceptions which arise within the business process, as well as exceptional situations that fall outside the scope of these processes due to a variety of reasons. Organizations spend much unnecessary time, effort, and money on handling these exceptions. Exceptions also have an adverse impact on operational efficiency and expose the business to risk. Also, the time and effort of skilled personnel in the organization are redirected in an ad hoc manner from value-adding tasks in the business process in order to handle and resolve these exceptions.

At Exela, we innovate to create solutions that are tailor-made to suit your business needs. With this objective in mind, we bring you Plexus Exception Management (Plexus EM), which simplifies and expedites exception handling in businesses across industries.


BancPay provides a range of cloud-based invoicing services that allow organizations to connect, transact, collaborate, and manage their businesses in an easy and simple manner.  It enables organizations to quickly and securely submit, receive and process invoices of different types such as paper, PDF, scanned images, and electronic form. BancPay’s PrinterDriver feature provides a simple alternative for electronic-based document submissions, allowing customers to upload documents by printing them through their terminal. BancPay allows you to track your invoices from submission till payment. It also helps you improve your cash flow by opting for dynamic discounting functionalities.

BEATS™ - Business Project Management

BEATS is a collaborative project management suite. It is a comprehensive solution to manage opportunities, projects, change requests. Project managers can create virtual groups in order to manage opportunities and coordinate with the various teams involved in the project. Dynamic dashboards provide real-time visibility into various steps in the project workflow. Integration with allows the user to manage opportunities and import them into BEATS, or manage them internally within BEATS.

EON™ - Automated Claims Adjudication

Exela’s answer to automated claims adjudication, EON, has been designed to solve existing challenges in the claims adjudication process.

Connect - Optimize your client communications

End-to-end enterprise-level customer communications management solution and web-based workflow tool that provides an audit trail of print, from creation and compliance to distribution. You gain visibility into your print spend and leverage a sustainable savings model to drive long-term cost reductions.

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