Zaru™ - Capital Expenditure Approval
Zaru™ - Capital Expenditure Approval

Zaru is a web-based application used to raise/track purchase requests.


Zaru can help an organization to manage its capital and operational expenditure, and the management can easily view the areas where the organization spends its money.

Tracking of Requests

Predefined approvers can see the requests in their queue and easily approve them in a few steps. Email notifications are sent to approvers and requestors to make them aware of the requests waiting for their approval as well as the status of the requests.

Multiple Actions Possible

The assignment rules can be configured for each organization as required. Routing rules can also be configured based on one or more parameters. Zaru allows admin users to take a variety of actions, such as editing fields from a list, reassigning requests, filtering requests, etc.

Features & Benefits


• Option to create/approve a request
• Automatic assignment of requests based on the predefined approval hierarchy
• Multi-level approval hierarchy based on approval amount
• Email notifications at all stages of approval sent to the approver with a copy to the requestor
• Easily configurable assignment rules
• Easily configurable routing rules
• Viewing and tracking the status of requests
• Editing certain fields from the list in order to correct certain values
• Reassignment of requests to other users in the same role
• Ability to define alternate approver if an approver is on vacation
• Ability to filter the request based on different criteria
• Ability to define approval limits for different approvers
• Ability to save the contents of the request in Excel/PDF
• Ability to save the list of requests in Excel
• Ability to log support tickets in case of any support needed
• Ability to view support tickets
• Option to view the approval hierarchy report to understand the flow of the request
• Ability to view the history of the request in terms of workflow routing
• Ability to view the history of the request in terms of changes to the field values
• Ability to add comments
• Ability to add file attachments

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