Talento™ - Talent Management Platform
Talento™ - Talent Management Platform

Talento is an online web application developed internally for resource management across Exela sites. It comprises various modules which enable complete maintenance of employee data during their tenure with the company.

Features & Benefits


• Recruitment: Request resource recruitment, raise requisition, approval, tracking of the progress, and closure upon completion
• Personnel administration: Employee demographic data maintenance; and their on board data management, for example, promotions
• Performance management: Appraisal input along with manager approvals to track the performance of employees, which serves as a vital factor in determination of remuneration
• Compensation management: Night shift, overtime, Sunday and holiday allowances
• Health and welfare information: Provides benefits reference guides which include policies and benefits
• Time and attendance: Tracks the time-in and time-out of employees on a daily basis, thus easing the workload of the HR and Payroll departments
• Skill sets: Tracks the skill sets of all employees
• Project allocation: Allows managers to allocate/deallocate resources to/from the projects
• Leave management: Tracks the leave details of employees; this reduces the manual workload for HR, while Payroll uses this data for payments
• Payroll: Tracks attendance, LOP (Loss of Pay), and lack of office time data

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