As a multilevel SaaS platform Spring® offers efficient process management from enrollment to claims. Spring provides a variety of features including plan comparison and selection, enrollment, payments, report generation, claim tracking, benefit coordination, and many others. These features combine to make the insurance process seamless and free from the hassle of communication hurdles.

Single Platform, Multiple Services

In todays connected world, the Spring solution helps make insurance a terrain that is easy to navigate. This enterprise-level application offers a variety of services for the convenience of all those in the insurance value chain. These services cover broker integration, benefit administration, enrollment, mobility apps, and outreach. Spring caters to health insurance, motor insurance, pension schemes, home insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, property and casualty, and travel insurance.

Member Enrollment

With the Spring solution, members have all the information needed to choose a suitable plan at their fingertips with plan listing, plan selection options, and plan comparison. Enrollment can be completed online, and then the accounts can be directly administered by employers and payers. Through its online enrollment feature, Spring offers payers a chance to reduce the administration costs associated with enrollment.

Administration Tools

Claims can be tracked using Spring's Claims Administration tool. Scheduling of appointments, referrals and benefit coordination are the key benefits of the provider administration feature offered by this single platform. Spring also assists in management of payments with the help of a secure payment gateway.

Virtual Printer

The PrinterDriver feature provides a simple alternative for electronic-based document submissions. It enables customers to upload documents by printing them through their terminal.

Health Savings Account Management

Spring includes a health savings account (HSA) option as well. Exela offers a service model for one of the largest commercial US healthcare payers for HSA. An HSA is a great way to take advantage of reduced taxation while saving up for health-related expenses. Its various tax benefits make HSA an attractive option for finance management.

Features & Benefits

  • End-to-end transformation in the enrollment segment
  • Common portal with access levels
  • Online enrollment – ANSI 834
  • Plan display and selection
  • PrinterDriver 
  • DocDNA™ Image Storage
  • Direct Data Entry forms option
  • PCH ™ intake options – Fax, email, PDF, uploads
  • Qualifying event online management
  • Claims tracker
  • Proactive Rules Validation Engine
  • Connect back to Facets/Legacy for data updates
Member Benefits
  • One platform
  • Framework extended to employers and members
  • Multiple plan options to compare and select
  • Easy online enrollment
  • Instant card generation in online enrollment
Payer Benefits
  • Increase sales / reduce reach time
  • Increase membership volume
  • Online enrollment
  • Improved member retention
  • Listing of plans
  • Admin cost reduction
  • Turnaround time (TAT) reduction
  • User-friendly interface
  • Scalable solution: Plan renewals, claims, EOB, EFT

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