SpeakOut™ - Brand Reputation Management
SpeakOut™ - Brand Reputation Management

Turn customer feedback into customer intelligence with SpeakOut, a brand reputation management platform. A company can use this application to get feedback from its customers via multiple media channels, as well as to analyze it. The meaningful insights thus gained are used to evolve customer engagement strategies that can enhance the company’s image in the minds of its customers.


SpeakOut collects customer feedback from a variety of sources such as passive surveys, social media, websites, and enterprise databases. Business users can immediately obtain real-time feedback to learn about key issues and customer concerns. Configurable dashboards allow users to filter and drill down into the data by topic, sentiment, time, or customer segment.

Data Analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning are applied to unstructured data to make sense of it and derive insights that will help the company to make informed decisions about the enhancement of customer experience and business growth plans.


Businesses can use the ReachOut feature to connect with their customers. Targeted marketing, via SMS, email, or iCRM, enhances brand image and influences customer behaviors.


Customizable and configurable dashboards allow real-time monitoring of data. Companies can also view the results of their ReachOut engagements.

Features & Benefits


• Brand monitoring
• Customer configurability
• Analysis
• Dashboards
• ReachOut
• Surveys (active and passive)

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