Speak Up!® - Anonymous Reporting System
Speak Up!® - Anonymous Reporting System

Speak UP!® is a web and mobile application that provides students with a simple, convenient way to anonymously report instances of bullying or dangerous behavior, whether it occurs on campus or online, to the appropriate school official. A high percentage of such incidents go unreported due to fear of peers, fear of speaking to the authorities, absence of any authority figure at the time of the incident, or simply because the student does not know to whom to speak about it. Speak UP! empowers students to initiate action in the face of unjust acts and aims to reduce the threat of bullying and other negative behaviors in schools, colleges, and universities. Please visit https://www.gospeakup.com/ for more information.


Reporting at Your Fingertips

Speak UP! is an intuitive app in which a student can send a brief report about the incident to the relevant authorities at the touch of a button. Students simply fill in the required fields and click ‘Send.’

Security of Anonymity

The application offers the option of sending a report anonymously. This is one of Speak UP!’s most compelling features, as it removes the main factors which deter students from reporting incidents of bullying. Students are often afraid that the culprits might find out their identity and victimize the student for reporting them. Sometimes students do not know the appropriate authority figure to turn to or may be worried that authorities may not keep their identity a secret from the culprit. Speak UP!’s anonymity feature bypasses all such hurdles, thus ensuring that students report incidents of violence or bullying without inhibition.

No Red Tape

Speak UP! sends reports directly to the concerned authority. Thus, students need not worry about searching for the right authorities themselves or going through multiple channels simply to report an incident. This feature saves time and prevents the student from facing the additional emotional challenges involved in facing authority figures under such circumstances.

Database for Admin

Incidents reported through Speak UP! are automatically stored as records for the reference of administrators. Also, the application provides administrators with important statistics, which could help them to implement measures that will reduce the incidence of bullying or dangerous behavior.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• Anonymity option
• User-friendly interface captures key details about the incident
• Option to upload a picture or screenshot
• Record-keeping
• Tracking of statistics for admin use

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