PodTracker - Conference Room Management
PodTracker - Conference Room Management

Eliminate paper-based logs and checklists with our proprietary multi-tool application, PodTracker. The application is designed to help on-the-ground employees streamline services such as room sweeps, and enables clients to track issues in real time, providing instant insight.

The Exela PodTracker multi-tool application allows on-site personnel to track workflows for room management, in addition to package and service call tracking.

With this level of transparency, users can gain insight and visibility to leverage real-time data that enables better decision making.

Features & Benefits


Room Sweeps

Enables the management of services needed for designated office spaces, from conference rooms to workstations. PodTracker offers customized checklists of daily information denoting the condition of equipment and individual office spaces to help ensure optimal efficiency.

Package Tracker

Offers a complete chain of custody for all packages. Our on-site employees can track the collection of data from pickup to delivery without manually logging data. This function helps decrease the probability of missing packages and enables easier communication at each stage of shipment and delivery.

Service Call Tracker

Allows businesses to easily collect data from service calls. By digitally tracking service calls, management can quickly see when devices were serviced.

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