IntelliScan® - High Speed Scanners
IntelliScan® - High Speed Scanners

High speed, high volume, multi-application document processing scanners

With the introduction of the IntelliScan XDS Series 5, Exela's line of integrated IntelliScan solutions takes high speed, high volume, multi-application document processing to a whole new level. These solutions are an operational revelation for enterprises worldwide. IntelliScan delivers scanning speeds of up to 640 pages per minute for acceleration of job processing in a wide variety of business applications. Its groundbreaking image-capturing capabilities, up to 600 dpi optical resolution, allow you to capture images with detail that is unreadable to the naked eye, including fingerprints, high-quality color photographs, and more. It is your one-stop processing solution, with advanced technology, intelligent design, and flexible configuration, delivering unprecedented performance and value. All serving to improve your operational efficiencies, and your bottom line.



IntelliScan XDS | High Volume Document Processing

Built for multi-application, high speed, and superior image quality, the IntelliScan XDS Series 5 scans, processes, and sorts all types of documents in a variety of sizes.

IntelliScan TRP | High Volume Transaction Processing

Combining best-of-breed check reading capabilities with a superior open-track, IntelliScan TRP provides both check and full-page processing at unmatched speeds.

IntelliScan SDS | High Volume Production Scanner

IntelliScan SDS is the perfect small-footprint, open-track scanning system for mid-volume and distributed environments.


IntelliScan USC | Real Time Document Processing

The software core of the suite, IntelliScan USC is a fully integrated capture and transport control application.

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