iCRM™ - Virtual Customer Support
iCRM™ - Virtual Customer Support

iCRM has been designed to provide relevant answers to customers in near real-time and at low cost. Customers can simply ask their questions in the chat box or via email, and have answers returned immediately along with helpful links. A customer can phrase a question in any way they wish to, and still receive an immediate answer that is relevant to them. With the help of iCRM, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, improve efficiency and productivity, and reduce service costs. iCRM can also help in evolution of new, innovative, customer-centric services with the help of access to cross-functional customer data.


The iCRM module is used to automate the email response system. It works as an auto responder that checks the contents of the incoming emails from your customers or end-users, and replies to them with a pre-composed response. Attachments and external data can also be added to the automated responses. Using the iCRM module, you can configure appropriate automated responses to different types of email.

Features & Benefits


• Multi-channel input/output (email, chat)
• Advanced Natural Language Processing to find correct outcome
• Iterative machine learning to continuously refine outcomes
• Configure to existing knowledge bases or response scripts
• Connect Event Calendar for appointments
• Streamlined scheduling
• Available with Login Authentication OR Open FAQ base Chat box
• Configurable FAQ and their auto responses
• Email alert and notifications
• Available in multiple languages
• Twitter Integration


• Improves customer satisfaction
• Attracts new customers
• Reduces service costs
• Improves efficiency and productivity
• Assists in evolution of improved, relevant services with the help of access to cross functional customer data

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