Floware™ - Design Studio
Floware™ - Design Studio

Design Studio has been developed to provide business with technology solutions through a configurable software suite, designed for end-to-end management of any organization’s content and business processes via intuitive customization and rapid deployment by any user. Design Studio provides business solutions to a wide variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, government, legal, publishing, manufacturing, retail, and other commercial entities.

Business Transformation Studio

Business Transformation Studio is designed for the Customer/CRM role which provides an option for exploring the services offered with respect to industry. This module is accessible to internet users who have already registered themselves on the site. Users can request new business solutions with the help of Design Studio, based on their business requirements.
• Create new business with Exela, explore the services provided by Exela, request a combination of services that suits their business, and submit the solution for approval.
• View/modify already created solution based on customer requirements.
• Track the current status of requested Business Solution.
• Business Transformation Studio also has a collection of pre-defined solutions, which allows internet users a chance to explore the services and reuse them with or without minimal changes, if they meet their requirements.

Solution Transformation Studio

Solution Transformation Studio is designed to help the Business Analyst to transform the business solution (customer requirement) into a workable solution. This module is accessible to intranet users who have logged in as ‘Business Analyst’ and can be used to create a workflow for the requested services by assigning products to them.
• Define a workflow for customer requirements by assigning suitable products to the requested services.
• View/modify existing solutions created by Solution Architect based on customer requirement changes.
• Register the product belonging to Exela with its features. This will be made visible while selecting the products for the requested services.
• Modify features and sub-process of the existing products based on the version changes.

Business Definition Studio

This module is designed for those intranet users who are logged in as ‘Solution Architect’ to create a Business Catalog by forecasting the business requirement. The user can start customizing catalogs and publish to their required environments.
• Customize industry standard catalogs from schema/scratch based on the requirements.
• Review and certify catalogs created by the Solution Architect or Business Analyst.
• Modify existing customer catalogs based on their needs.
• Publish the schema to selected product environments.

Deployment Studio

Deployment Studio is designed for the Deployer (Global Implementation Team) to set up a new (trial/production) environment for the solution provided by the Business Analyst for the business solution (customer requirement) with a single-click deployment process.
• It enables the deployment team to create a new trial environment for requested solutions that are queued for deployment.
• Once the environment has been set up successfully, a mail will be triggered to the internet users with environment details.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use with no programming
  • Entirely web-based, fully drag and drop environment, and intuitive: no training required
  • Role-based access
  • Single click deployment
  • Schema (XSD) based repository
  • Remote Service consumed to get instant data
  • Approval process ensures meta quality
  • User-friendly reports
  • Responsive checkouts
  • Dynamic event notifications


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