EON™ - Automated Claims Adjudication
EON™ - Automated Claims Adjudication

Exela’s answer to automated claims adjudication, EON, has been designed to solve existing challenges in the claims adjudication process.

Rules Engine

EON uses a business rules engine in order to separate business rules from the program code. This allows changes or updates to be made in business rules for a company’s adjudication process without dependence on the IT department.

Features & Benefits

  • Proactive Superset Rules Engine
  • Pattern analysis on single type of edits with high  volume in manual adjudication queues
  • Data fetched from multiple sources and access through Exela’s proprietary framework, EON Navi
  • Data validated against built-in business rules
  • Validated claim information provided for audit
  • Innovative, scalable, secure technology solution
  • Faster ramp-up and rapid ROI
  • Easy change management
  • Significant reduction manual effort
  • Administrative cost saving
  • Higher productivity and accuracy
  • Quicker TAT
  • Short training cycle

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