eFirst® Archive
eFirst® Archive

eFirst Archive provides a secure, long-term archive for all types of information, intuitively and intelligently using the most appropriate storage medium to ensure superior retrieval rates. A third generation archive product, eFirst benefits from years of frontline experience as a leading high volume archive solution. Its enterprise platform for building archive management solutions can effectively manage and track any file or document, including images, data records, video, and mixed media content.

Transparent Storage

Transparent storage enables rapid access to data from any application. eFirst Archive’s highly scalable system allows data to be stored in separate file systems – managed online, near line, or offline automatically. This allows the system to use the most economical storage device, such as magnetic tape, optical disk, CD or DVD. Multiple copies of files can be archived to different storage media types in a standard format, minimizing the need for additional backup and providing quick recovery, should a disaster occur.

Flexible Deployment

eFirst Archive can easily be configured to adopt new rules, business processes, or usage patterns, without being taken offline for reconfiguration. In addition, different storage devices can be upgraded on the fly by plug-in adapters at the storage access level. eFirst Archive can interface with existing business systems and applications, allowing you to access all your business data from a common point. It provides standard mechanisms for importing data and provides an API, which can be used by developers to quickly construct new functionalities, and integrate it with other applications. A variety of platforms and programming languages can be used to develop client applications where necessary.

Absolute Security

Absolute security is standard with eFirst Archive, which is easily configured to adopt the existing policies of your organization, ensuring secure, long-term storage of information. A login submits the username and password to a local or external certifying process and restricts user access via control lists where required. Designed for 24/7 uptime, it also allows multiple copies of files to be stored on offline storage media, while creating master and back-up copies automatically. If any storage device fails, the information is retrieved and replicated, without user involvement.

Features & Benefits

Product Benefits
  • Multi-tier architecture provides a robust framework, enabling you to quickly add different layers of storage devices and rapidly develop applications.
  • Reusable components allow eFirst Archive to easily integrate with existing applications.
  • A Java-based web interface provides a common platform, offering secure access to your information.
Business Benefits
  • eFirst Archive stores data using the most appropriate storage medium, providing the most effective balance of speed of access against cost of storage.
  • It eliminates lost or misfiled documents and reduces operating costs by removing paper-based searches.
  • Rapid deployment is provided via a web browser, and extensible architecture allows staged deployment to meet changing business requirements.
  • eFirst Archive dramatically enhances customer service levels, as information can be made available within existing business applications.
  • eFirst Archive can greatly reduce migration costs involved in moving away from obsolete archives and DMS platforms by encapsulating legacy content stores and providing a uniform interface to both old and new data.

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