E-Series™ - Document Processing
E-Series™ - Document Processing

The fully featured, multi-speed E-Series is designed with more capabilities than any competitor's transport on the market today. Available at 1150 documents per minute (dpm), the E-Series is easy to upgrade in the field. This protects your initial investment by allowing the E-Series to meet your individual needs as they change.

To ensure maximum throughput and document management, the E-Series uses an uphill power feed-hopper and an intelligent gap management system. Utilizing the best-of-breed double feed detection system, "piggy back" documents are detected without misidentifying repaired items or documents in carriers.

Incorporated in the E-Series are the most advanced readers available. Exela's proprietary Triple ReadTM system verifies the document MICR line multiple times, using both optical and magnetic technologies. Because of this innovative technology, the E-Series provides some of the industry's best read rates. What's more, with our patented TurboTimeTM option, lower speed models can be increased by one or two speed increments for a set number of documents. This capacity-on-demand feature allows managers to cost effectively plan for normal processing peaks and to quickly recover from unexpected events such as late couriers, bad weather or staff shortages.

Features & Benefits

  • 1150 documents per minute*
  • Merge feeder
  • Vacuum and ultrasonic double-feed detection
  • E13B or CMC7 Triple ReadTM
  • MICR fraud enhancement
  • Front and/or back inkjet printer
  • Fluorescent barcode printer & reader
  • Large field of view OCR reader
  • Front or back roll-on-endorser
  • 24-bit color image
  • 12 - 48 pockets
  • Pocket grouping displays
  • SpeedFIRSTTM for Windows 7/32 bit

*Based on standard 6" documents


Maximum Performance:

Up to 1150 dpm

Main Feeder:

1,500 document capacity

Merge Feeder:

200 document capacity

Double Feed Detection:

Vacuum - standard

Ultrasonic - optional



E13B or CMC7 MICR/OCR TripleReadTM

MICR High Line

Large Field of View (LFOV) OCR (up to four lines)

1D black barcode (up to two lines)

Rear fluorescent barcode


Front or rear fixed roll-on-endorser

Front, rear or dual inkjet printer

Rear fluorescent barcode printer with post-print verification

Image Capture:

24-bit color

Optical Resolution:

240 dpi

Image Output:

Up to three images per side

- Bitonal

- Bitonal after color dropout

- 8-bit grayscale or 24-bit color  

Each image selectable: 120 - 160 - 200 - 240 dpi

Image Output Format:

Bitonal - TIFF 6.0

Grayscale/color - JPEG

Stacker Options:

12 - 48 pockets in groups of 12

Pocket grouping displays

Document Size:

Height: 2.75" - 4.25" (69.9 mm - 108.0 mm)

Length: 4.88" - 9.00"  (124 mm - 228.6 mm)

Paper Weight:

20 lbs. (75 g/m2) - 43 lbs. (161 g/m2)

Long-grain direction only for documents less than 24 lb. (90 g/m2)

Interface Platform SpeedFIRST for Windows 7/32 bits


E-Series Transports provide up to three simultaneous full-color images per side, real time. Users can select bitonal or bitonal after color dropout, as well as either 8-bit grayscale or 24-bit color. Also, you can select a different output resolution per image type. For example, to meet individual requirements, bitonal images can be saved at 240 dpi, while color images can be stored at 120 dpi.

Coupled with your existing applications, Exela's advanced imaging allows for efficient processing and archival - even for the most difficult-to-image documents. As more global enterprises know, through superior engineering and design, Exela continues to lead the industry with our advanced line of document capture platforms and solutions.

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