Document DNA®
Document DNA®

Document DNA® is a comprehensive solution for document management, which provides for electronic capture, storage, collaboration, retrieval, and delivery of an organization’s critical data and documents. This solution from Exela aims to increase productivity with the help of digital network access. Document DNA enables your organization to automatically and instantly distribute documents over the web to any location, utilizing a variety of solution components.

Capture Information

Use Document DNA to capture any information, whether it is on paper or in electronic format. Exela scans or imports the information, captures the information via hand keying or a full OCR solution, and then indexes the information and ingests it into our Document DNA solution for easy web-based access.

Implement a Workflow

Document DNA also offers a robust, customized workflow solution applicable to virtually any application or vertical market that requires structured business process management rules and routing. Examples include accounts payable and receivable, HR, legal, mortgage lending, and many more.

Organize & Track

You can even streamline business processes and improve communication through simple, collaborative document management and sharing. This component of Document DNA allows companies to index, organize, track, and share documents in a secure, web-based environment, offering unlimited workspace with complete version control.

Present Information

Organizations can electronically view and present any information or data contained in Document DNA within seconds. This can be presented internally or externally to end-users, all with the highest levels of security and accuracy.

Store Information

Whether seeking daily access to information, or wishing to utilize Document DNA for permanent storage, retrieval, and backup of information, our document management solution can meet any of your storage requirements. For additional security, all information is redundantly stored off-site at our primary host site in order to protect your critical information in the event of a disaster.

Features & Benefits


• Ability to convert to and accept virtually any type of input format including text, DJDE, AFP, PCL, TIF, GIF, JPG, PDF, and more
• Domestic and offshore infrastructures to deliver a customized and integrated outsourced solution for complex business and knowledge process functions
• Unparalleled focus on document and data security, rapid turnaround times, and the highest accuracy rates available in the industry
• Real-time tracking system tracks information throughout the capture/conversion process, ensuring all information is accounted for and imported properly
• Ingest any media, such as paper, electronic, EDI, web, and fax, into digital form
• Data capture using clerical, OCR, and/or automated methods
• Support for dynamic business rule feeds, such as Approved Vendor Lists
• Online, secure presentment of work items to authorized users
• Transaction audit trails
• Sequential or state-based processes
• Vendor self-service
• Support for trailing documents, Proofs of Delivery (PODs), etc.
• Automatic notification of pending work items or other document availability
• Enforced business process rules, exception handling, and routing
• Backend integration with 128-bit SSL encryption, web services, and Direct Connect communications
• 12 months (or more) archival of transaction histories
• Web-based user interface for role-based access and a comprehensive view into any workspace
• Secure way for companies to collaborate and share documents and team information with those key individuals who are outside your organization
• Many concurrent users can work on the same project while maintaining version control
• Ease of collaboration through email
• Storage and retrieval of documents, and information sharing
• Self-enrollment for employees, vendors, and partners you need to present information to; whether 100 or 100,000 individuals need access, the automated process minimizes your support requirements
• Commercial customers can access Proofs of Delivery (PODs) for verification at any time
• 12 month (or more) Statement and Invoice histories
• Automatic Notification of Statement, paystub, or other document availability
• Flexible payment options, one time or saved profiles, credit card and/or ACH
• Capability to enforce payment terms / credit policy, automatically applying discount terms and notifying users about eligibility
• Select individual invoices for payment improving cash application and collections
• Management of virtually any electronic document file; image documents in TIFF, JPEG and GIF formats; computer generated print files in “line print”, Xerox or IBM AFP formats; as well as PC created Postscript, PDF, Word and Excel Files
• Multi-level security provides Corporate, Departmental, Document and Access Control levels of granularity
• Transmission of requested files is 128-bit SSL encryption ensuring secure communication
• Uses your web browser to render documents using the system’s default PDF viewer, eliminating the need for additional software for storage and retrieval
• Each document file transmitted to the Document DNA system is tracked and audited throughout the loading process and automatically reports any errors in real-time

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